Asst. Prof. Peng Song

Office: 1.502.13

PhD Student

Rulin Chen


Short Bio

Rulin Chen is a PhD Candidate in the Pillar of Information Systems Technology and Design, SUTD, under the supervision of Prof. Peng Song. Prior to his PhD studies, he received his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Information Engineering from Shantou University. His research interest is in computer graphics.

Siqi Li


Short Bio

Siqi is a PhD student in CGL of SUTD, under the supervision of Prof. Peng Song. Prior to his PhD studies, he worked as a researcher at BMW innovation laboratory, before that he worked for Tencent Company Timi studio. He received his bachelor degree from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. His research interest is in computer graphics.

Research Assistant

Zebin Chen


Short Bio

Zebin Chen is currently a research assistant involved in a joint project between ISTD pillar and ASD pillar in SUTD, with working experience as an architectural designer in the past. He received his master's degree in urban design from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2020 and his bachelor's degree in architecture from Shanghai University (SHU) in 2018. He is interested in the interdisciplinary exploration of computer graphics, architecture, and urban design.

Visiting Student

Yuhang Wang


Short Bio

Yuhang Wang is a visiting student in CGL of SUTD. He is currently a senior at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. His research interests are in computer graphics..

PhD Alumni

Yingjie Cheng    

(co-advised with Prof. Ligang Liu)

next position:     Engineer,   Huawei

Ziqi Wang    

(co-advised with Prof. Mark Pauly)

next position:     Postdoctoral Reaseacher,   ETH Zürich

Researcher Alumni

Pengyun Qiu

2022.10 - 2024.03

next position:     PhD Student,   Simon Fraser University

Praveer Tewari

2023.03 - 2023.08

next position:     Master Student,   University of Utah

Wen Jie Jeremy Chew

2021.03 - 2022.01

next position:     PhD Student,   ETH Zürich


Yukun Lu

2022.08 - 2024.01

Donglin Hu

2022.05 - 2022.09

Yingjie Cheng

2021.05 - 2022.08

Yucheng Sun

2019.11 - 2021.03