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TileableShell is a computational tool to model masonry shell structures where the shell elements fall into a set of discrete equivalence classes.

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High-LevelPuzzle is a computational tool to design high-level interlocking puzzles according to user specifications, including the puzzle shape, number of puzzle pieces, and level of difficulty.

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3DCamLinkage is a computational tool to model and design a 1-DOF 3D cam-linkage mechanism for exactly generating a prescribed 3D path with arbitrary shape.

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3DCamFollower is a computational tool to model and design a 1-DOF 3D cam-follower mechanism for exactly generating a prescribed 2D path on a planar, spherical, or cylindrical surface.

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TopoLite is a cross-platform tool for creating topological interlocking shell structures. It supports surface tiling, contact detection, globally interlocking verification, rigid body equilibrium, and topological interlocking block generation.

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DESIA is a computational tool for designing interlocking assemblies by leveraging a family of directional blocking graphs.

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A C++ program for constructing internal mechanism of wind-up toys and simulating the toy motions.

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Interlocking Puzzles

A set of interlocking puzzles designed by the approach in SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 paper "Recursive Interlocking Puzzles."

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